Beal Opera 8.5mm GoldenDry 60m

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The Beal Opera 8.5mm is a triple rated rope that weighs only 48 grams per meter, making it one of the lightest and thinnest single ropes on the market. The Opera 8.5 dynamic rope meets all requirements for all three standaards meaning it can be used safely as single, double and twin rope. For this reason it is the perfect rope for experienced climbers, alpinist and mountaineers who are looking for a very supple and lightweight rope. The Opera has Béal's UNICORE construction which means the sheath is bonded with the core. In the event the core is torn the sheath and core stay attached, making it possible to safely use the rope on the remaining part of the rope behind the torn. The GoldenDry treatment is a combination of two treatments. Both the core and the sheath are made hydrophobic. As a result the rope is water resistant and will gain very little weight in wet conditions. It also makes the rope move more fluid through carabiners and belay devices and, as an added bonus, it makes the rope becomes durable. 


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  • 48 Gramm/Meter
  • 8.5 mm Durchmesser
  • UNICORE-Konstruktion
  • GoldenDry-Behandlung
  • Dreifache Zertifizierung: Einzel / Doppel / Zwilling
  • Ideal für erfahrene Kletterer, Alpinisten und Bergsteiger

Einfach Doppelt Zwilling
Maximale Stoßkraft 7.4kN 5.5kN 8.8kN
Anzahl der Stürze 5 18 >25