Holmenkol Racing Base LF 21 2 x 35g

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Achieve exceptional speed and performance on the slopes with Holmenkol Racing Base LF 21. This high-quality racing base wax is specially formulated to deliver maximum speed and durability. The LF 21 variant provides optimal glide and performance in cold and aggressive snow conditions. The two 35g bars offer convenient and precise application, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. Whether you're a professional racer or a dedicated enthusiast, Holmenkol Racing Base LF 21 is your go-to choice for enhancing your ski or snowboard's performance. Conquer the mountain with confidence and precision using Holmenkol Racing Base LF 21.


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  • Holmenkol Racing Base LF 21 2 x 35g2x 35 g
  • Hohe Abriebfestigkeit
  • Für Schneetemperaturen von 0° bis -20° C
  • Bügeleisentemperatur 140 ~ 150° C